How to rise again when you fall in business and life 

Rob Moore’s podcast is always an excellent source of information and guidance, and today’s talk on failure was no exception. If you are a businessman or woman and your organisation has failed and been made bankrupt then – in the same way that failed past relationships affect new ones – your previous experiences are likely to be haunting you. It might be that you’re worried about reputation, afraid that no one will want to work with you now because they know about []

Master the problem solving techniques

  Rob Moore has some great ideas for dealing with problems. The first idea: don’t call it a problem. Seeing the obstacles you face as challenges to get over rather than as problems that are stopping you will help you stay in the right mind-set. Your ‘problems’ won’t go away until you deal with them, and you’ll keep hitting them until you treat them like challenges that you need break through. Problems will stop being problems when you learn the best way []

Three principles of branding 

Catches few great thoughts while listening to Rob Moore interview with BJ Cunningham… Branding is sales foreplay BJ Cunningham  Discounting helps only for a burst of time – it’s like pissing your pants: warm from the beginning but cold after  Branding is not a product or services – it is a promise and you got to stick to your promises There are three simple principles: -knowing what it is you are trying to say -saying it clearly -doing what you were going to []

Six steps of effective communication. It’s not what you say – it how you say it

Rob Moore quite eloquently described in his podcast the six steps off effective communication: 1. Listen  2. It’s ‘You’, ‘We’ not ‘I’, ‘Me’, ‘My’ 3. The vehicle (email, phone call, meeting, etc 4. Care about people  5. Discover their values  6. Manage your emotions! ———————- 1.Listen first  Yes, you have an agenda to the meeting or phone call but unless you listen to the person you are communicating with, you will not be able to figure out the right way of delivering []

Want a quote?

Listening to Tim Ferris podcast with Mike Row where Mike masterfully spilled great quotes: – When talking about unproductive stuff we sometime deal with and feel unproductive: ‘Just because it is futile, it doesn’t meant it cannot be fun’ – When talking about things we love doing but are not getting us anywhere: ‘If you love it, it doesn’t mean that you cannot suck at it’

“I gave up happiness long time ago as it was too depressing”

Great thought when listening to Rob Moore podcast quoting John DeMartini… It is quite right that be being happy 100%, all the time you serve no purpose to humanity.  Because if you are happy all the time you will not grow, you will not work, you will not contribute because you are just happy… As a lot of people believe the purpose of life is happiness- the purpose of life is growth.  There is no growth in happiness as there is growth []