How to enter into the new new money space and become one of the growing money intellectuals starting from level zero – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Etherium

Why am I sharing this? Because I am striving to make this world a better place with any attempt possible. Also, you know I am usually sharing with you information I find valuable.

Buying BTC and ETH was the best money investment I done so far in my life as of today.

The other reason is because we are embarking on a new era which is larger and even more exciting than the time when the world was disrupted by the internet.

The internet freed people (who chose to take the path) from being stuck to one country or one a job for the rest of their life, although for some this might just play the tune, to take whatever career they want in whatever country they want with unlimited information and education available for free at a click of a button, from a device located in your pocket. Giving anyone with an internet connection a possibility to become a millionaire as long as they work hard enough…. which is a big subject for another blogpost perhaps.

Crypto currency and mainly the blockchain technology brings with it something even more special with the next level of scaleability. It’s the road to extreme affordability of goods and services where people can be valued (including financially) for the good things they do outside their work. There are unlimited potential and possibilities known and unknown to us now that are possible with this technology.

Below is a nice introduction information, best I found so far, explaining the crypto space as it is now. Although there is a high probability that this space will improve and expand in a new, clearer for the majority of people way…just like with the internet if you are old enough to remember 🙂

So, this is not only an investment product with its coins (or we can call them crypto currencies) to buy and sell, but it’s an amazing technology and base for many many more practical, every day applications.


Here is step by step how I done it:

1. Went to localbitcoins. This is still one of the good places to buy. There could be different sites in different countries which I would first check for reputability. Also there are ATMs round London or other cities which can be found with a quick Google search.

2. I bought BTC (bitcoin) for the amount I was comfortable to create an opportunity with while assuming the risk that I could loose a part of it (perhaps for price drop reasons, etc)

3. Created an account on Coinbase and transferred my BTC into the Coinbase wallet.

4. Coinbase allows you to exchange one coin to others so from BTC I had, I exchanged 50% into ETH (etherium). If I would do it now, I’d do similar thing – exchange anything between 30%-50% of my BTC into ETC

5. When you done it – message me with “DONE!”

Congrats, your are in!

There are much more you can do and more platforms you can trade or keep your assets in, but if you done just what instructed above, you are already set to go. From here, there are unlimited opportunities going forward – so read, learn and be present.

You can check some of the useful sites I use for crypto on this link

As of today 2017 the top, most stable and most secure cryptocurrencies are BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (etherium) for reasons you can find in this crypto crash course article by Futurism.

And here is a new development, one of the attempts to mainstream the blockchain technology to the market which is a great step ahead towards the development of the space:

While you are reading, I would not miss the opportunity to offer you to red my book where I aim to motivate and inspire you to do more, through my six months migration journey to come to new land to find myself.

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