How Tim Ferriss tested his book title

For those of you who are on their book writing journey I want to share a successful method described by Tim Ferriss in his “Four Hour Work Week” book.

There are many other interesting things to be found in his book relating to business and entrepreneurship and he has been a person I follow for a long time.

I share a short description I got from Quora here.

Roy Steves describes:

He tells you in the book!

Essentially, he ran text ads with each possible title as the first line of the ad, and monitored click-through-rates.  The landing page was basically a “coming soon” page, with an email sign-up, to build an audience to send it to once it was published.  The keywords were related to the topic of improving efficiency of your work, etc., as you might expect.

He ran the ads for a few days, to collect a few hundred total clicks, and the “4 Hour Work Week” crushed the other variations he was considering, so it had to resonate with the audience, and would be a good fit for the book.

A more detailed description of the process can be found in his book here.

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