Took some notes from a podcast I just listened to and wanted to share these transformational thoughts with you ….

Want to share these beautiful WordSwag wisdom  I took from Lewis Howes The School of Greatness podcast with John Gray. 

Everything that I am is because of everything that was not! 

John Gray answering to wherther he would clear his childhood trauma should he be offered a choice 


The first question we should be asking is “Am I loved?”

When you come to the revelation of who you are as you are is ok, it changed the dynamic. 

As a lot of the religious thought is based upon “you are broken and need to be fixed”. As opposed to “you are loved and there are things you need to know so you can unlock the potential of who you are”.

John Gray
Your life is not accidental. You are created on purpose, with purpose. 

Every painful place, every broken moment, every closed door, every opportunity that looks like its missed, every person that ever hurt, abused or misused you, were actually allowed into your space to give you a heart of compassion, love, humility and grace for those around you. 

You have a purpose greater than your pain and you have a future greater than your past. 

John Gray

My greatness is defined not by my achievements but by achievements of those who came into contact with me 

John gray
Sharing the link to the podcast to those who want to listen:


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