Here is something that you might not have known

Hey Guys

I was really busy reaching my first milestone after the UPW – my first book is finally published.

At the age of twelve I entered sports orientated Judo orphanage to escape my parents’, who suffered from alcohol addiction. Despite reaching the high success at European Judo championship, I was always broke and starved. At the age of nineteen, I decided to change and escape once again.
Absence of money and passport didn’t stop me going towards my dream goal.
In total, it took me 6 months to get to UK using various means to pass the borders. Despite reaching the destination, the law (and luck!) were not on my side.
When I’ve left prison, I set myself on a self development journey which got me onto a long and exciting business journey.

I decided to write about it in order to motivate and inspire. It doesn’t matter where you are and what you have – keep moving towards your dream.

The full story of my highs and lows as Migrant is here – (Amazon link)

Your feedback would be massively appreciated – I’m still learning and always will be!


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