How a Scotish boy from the Shipyard became one of the most prominent songwriter, writing for Elvis and The Beatles 

Bill Martin MBE who came from the humble background to conquer the world with some of the most amazing lyrics. He wrote songs for Sir Cliff Richard, Sandie Shaw. Cilla Black, The Bay City Rollers, Billy Connolly, Midge Are, Sir Van Morrison, George Harrison and The Beatles to name but a few.
Aside of being a great entrepreneur he managed to input a great deal of benefit into the entertainment world for which he has been nominated for a list of awards.
– He cowrote over 10 No1 hits in UK and US 
– Along the awords he holds are Gold Badge Award and three Ivor Novello Awards including one as ‘Songwriter of the Year’, three ASCAP Awards, Award of Excellence (Rio, 1967 and 1969), Yamaha Best Song Award (Japan 1978), Songwriter of the Decade (Scotland 1980)
– He is also the First British songwriter of the Eurovision Song Contest, 1967
– Freeman of the City of London, 1981 and of the City of Glasgow, 1987


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