Barefoot Migrant gets an Authors Award to set on the journey to inspire others while pledges first limited edition copies towards a great cause. Get your signed copy and make a difference (info and pictures)

After six months of sleeping rough, escaping detention, refugee and asylum camps, jumping from a moving train, I finally got to the destination, which was seemingly impossible to get to, when I’m remembering it all. Where one challenge of my journey was complete, another route of personal mindset has started.
Despite being physically locked in prison, hunger for learning and desire to change have set me on the path to become a successful entrepreneur and an award winning author in 2017. I am very grateful for the award on my book of NoOn’e’s Business, which I’m hoping will make a difference and help other to strive for a better change.

My trip of inspiration is just beginning…
I’ve been privileged and blessed to be speaking in front of the great and influencing people:

Marina Nani, Marion Bevington, Robert J Moore, Cheryl Chapman, San Ludhra, Jessica Finn, Ava Brown, Mark Anthony Clarke, Connie-Lee Courageous Bennett, Veronica Sosa, Mylene Fernstrom, Gulrukh Khan, Rachel Elnaugh, Viola Edward De Glanville, Vikki Thomas, Adam Strong.
Also, many thanks to those people who came to support me at the event:

Victoria Dunford, Francisca de Zwager, Vladimir Trofim, Mihail Dicusar, the talented violinist Iurie Sula and my dear son Alexander.

I have printed 100 hard cover copies of limited edition that will be signed and sent to anyone who pledges funds to the charity “MadAid” that I support.

This charity aims to improve lives of disabled children in Moldova and sponsors the orphanage school, that I am coming from.

Pledge here


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