Words from Constantin Bejenaru on how to become the International World WBC Boxing Champion 

I had a pleasure to interview Constantin Bejenaru who is the current (as of 2017) International Boxing WBC Champion to find out his secret to reaching from the humble begginings in Moldova sport orphanage school to being the uprising Boxing Star leaving in New York City.

I have asked him what exactly contributed towards the fact his magnificent career growth since I last seen him about 20 years ago in the school we both studied and practiced our sport.

Constantin key to success is self motivation and attitude.

In his training, he envisages his opponent being able to reach him and be better than him- this motivates him to train harder, run faster and push further.

He comes to the training and to any fight with a serious attitude to any of his opponent, not taking any chances 

Constantin’s priorities are his family: whife, daughter and soon tonne born child, who make him very proud and happy.

The most important as he said is to fully focus on what you do at the moment and not take work home or home at work – be in the moment!

Please enjoy the conversation with Constantin Bejenaru on RadioWORKS with the Intelligent Migrant Man Show host Vadim Turcanu


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