Three principles of branding 

Catches few great thoughts while listening to Rob Moore interview with BJ Cunningham…
Branding is sales foreplay BJ Cunningham 
Discounting helps only for a burst of time – it’s like pissing your pants: warm from the beginning but cold after 
Branding is not a product or services – it is a promise and you got to stick to your promises
There are three simple principles:

-knowing what it is you are trying to say

-saying it clearly

-doing what you were going to do when you said you are going to do it
If there are two pairs of trainers of same quality, one for £30 with unknown name and one for £80 with ‘Nike’ on it – you will chose the one with ‘Nike’ on it as you are not only buying the product but you but a winning as their brand sells winning. 

Same thing when you buy a Harley Davidson – you don’t buy a motorcycle to ride on but you buy freedom. A person who tattooed ‘Harley Davidson’ on their body – they did it because of the freedom it reflects (I have not seen Honda tattoos on anyone either)


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